She let go of should, stepped into the wonder of freedom and started writing poems.
Katrina Serwe thought she was a terrible poet, if a poet at all, until recently. She lived mostly in the left hemisphere of her brain for the first few decades of her adult life. She worked as a therapist, professor, and researcher in the field of occupational therapy, holding BS, MS, and PhD degrees. After she discovered her love of poetry, Katrina began to spend more time in her right brain and in nature. She combined her two favorite things (hiking and writing poems) in a made-up activity she calls poemwalking.
You will find a pragmatic viewpoint, fascination with everyday activities, and love of nature in Katrina’s poetry. She is the third-place winner of The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP) 2023 Triad: Kay Saunders Memorial Emerging Poet award and received honorable mention for The WFOP 2023 Triad Theme: What Would Have, Could Have, Should Have Been If…
Events where art and poetry mingle bring Katrina joy. She has participated in Christine Alfrey's The Artist's Muse and ArtAsPoetryAsArt events. Katrina’s poems have been featured in a variety of publications including Bramble, Moss Piglet, The Little Book Project, Portage Magazine, The Solitary Plover, The WFOP Poets’ Calendar, and Scrawl Place.
You are most likely to find Katrina on a hiking trail with a pen and notebook in her pack. You can follow her journeys on Instagram or Facebook.
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